Chesterfield Sofa in Glenella Blue Mountains Restaurant

Glenella features the world’s longest single piece Chesterfield Sofa here in Australia…

Glenella Blue Mountains are proud owners of the world’s longest Chesterfield Sofa. The sofa can seat plenty of people, 14 to be exact, for pre-dinner drinks and dinner – the sofa measures a whooping 8 metres long!

So where does the term Chesterfield originate? It is an interesting question as no one seems to be certain where the name and design came from; however there have been a few suggestions and opinions put forward:

  • Chesterfield was a turn of phrase stemming back to the century when Chesterfield started to become the word to describe a sofa in Canada and parts of America
  • A davenport with arms and back of the same height in buttoned leather may also be referred to as a Chesterfield sofa in England
  • The fourth earl of Chesterfield – Phillip Stanhope (1694-1773) was honoured by the commissioning of a piece of furniture – a leather Chesterfield sofa
  • The term Chesterfield originally referred to the style of buttoning of the leather, shape of the sofa back, and even the height of the seat
  • According to the OED (Oxford English Dictionary), Chesterfield was used to refer to a couch in 1900

Whatever the origins, it still remains that a leather Chesterfield is a proud piece of furniture made by proud craftsmen for proud customers. This being said the world’s longest Chesterfield sofa has been completed by an Australian owned and operated business based in Queensland, Chesterfield House.

As an expensive and proud piece of furniture it is fitting that these pieces be found in stately homes, businesses, fine dining and accommodation establishments. This longest Chesterfield sofa that has arrived in the Blue Mountains will certainly be an attraction.

For those of you who don’t know if a Chesterfield Sofa would fit into your decor….. take a look at this quick video: