Cancellation Policy



Cancellation Policy July 2022


  • more than 6 months prior to arrival, the cancellation fee is $100
  • between 6 months and 28 days prior to arrival, the cancellation fee is 10% of the total booking charge.
  • between 28 and 14 days prior to arrival, the cancellation fee is 25% of the total booking charge.
  • within 14 days of arrival, there is no refund.

Date change permitted, fees may apply.

Terms and Conditions

Arrival and Departure

Check-in from 2pm till 7pm.

Check-out by 11am.


Credit Card

A valid credit card is required on arrival to hold a deposit for breakages.



Guests are responsible for keeping the Guesthouse clean and tidy and to ensure that dishes and cutlery are washed and stacked after meals.    If the Guesthouse is vacated and left in an excessively dirty condition, extra cleaning fees will be applied.


Kindly return any moved furniture items to their original placing.



While music and socialising are welcomed it is not permitted to invite outsiders who are not part of the included guest list provided on booking. Small numbers of outside visitors are allowed by prior arrangement, but the venue is not a ‘party house’. Misuse of the premises will result in termination of the stay for all guests included in the booking.


Only paying guests are allowed to stay. Any extras need to be declared and the extra fee paid on their arrival.



You are responsible for breakages, and replacements for these shall be taken from the deposit, and any additional shall be added and charged separately.


Alcohol and Smoking

All occupants of the entire guesthouse, and the use thereof is expected to comply with state and federal laws and any breaches will result in termination of the stay for all guests. This includes activities such as underage consumption of alcohol and smoking on the premises. The entire interior of the building is non-smoking. (smoking is only allowed in the garden or the street, further than 4.5m from any doorway.)



The Guesthouse does not permit pets.


Access Codes

The property has secured front and rear access doors with access codes provided to you on arrival. It is your responsibility to ensure that the doors remain locked to ensure that you, your property and the property of the Guesthouse is cared for in a responsible and secure manner. You are not permitted to share the codes with anyone not part of the included guest list.



The group as a whole are responsible for their own health and safety. It is recommended that each person familiarise themselves with the location of fire safety equipment around the building and the first aid kit located in the kitchen.   The kitchen contains hazardous equipment – you are responsible for safe use of all kitchen equipment.  No children are permitted to use the kitchen equipment.


Fire monitoring

The property has a 24-hour fire monitoring system which will alert and call the monitoring company in the event of a fire. If people are onsite and present they should exercise due care in ascertaining the source of the alarm and confirm presence of fire and evacuate. In the event of a false alarm the system may need to be reset.